Welcome to COBB U! Are you a new auto enthusiast looking to broaden your vehicular knowledge? If so, you are in the right place!

This video series will walk you through the workings of current automotive technology from bumper to bumper. We will cover a wide variety of topics from how to clean an air filter all of the way through setting up a vehicle's suspension and reviewing engine data logs. Our goal is to provide you with the basic understanding of how all of these systems work together so you can make educated decisions about how to modify your vehicle to make it your own!

Episode #1: Introduction

No matter what your goal is, a strong foundation is important to build from. For Episode 1 of COBB U we will begin with a basic overview of how an engine works; from intake to tailpipe.

Episode #2: What is ECU Tuning?

Often times the simplest of performance upgrades, ECU Tuning, is overlooked in favor of bolt-on parts. Did you know those simple bolt-on parts may cause more harm than good? In Episode 2 of COBB U we will cover the importance of tuning a vehicle's ECU for each bolt-on modification.

Episode #3: Modification Path

Beyond ECU Tuning, cars can differ greatly in their ideal modification path. In this episode of COBB U we explore how to determine the best upgrade sequence for your car!

Episode #4: Intake System

Intakes are one of the most popular upgrades for almost every car. In this episode of COBB U, we cover components of the intake and how upgraded parts effect airflow to the engine.

Episode #5: Boost Control System

In this episode of COBB U we will cover the key components of boost control on modern turbocharged vehicles. From the turbo inlet hose to the wastegate actuator, each part plays a vital role to keep boost pressure in check.

Episode #6: Intercooler & BPV

In this episode of COBB U we will explore Intercoolers and Bypass Valves covering different types, how they work, and specific setups to watch out for.

Episode #7: Fueling System

In this episode of COBB U we cover the ins and outs of fuel delivery. We will cover common components of an electronic fuel injection system, cover the differences between returned and returnless systems, and explain how direct injection systems differ from port injection.

Episode #8: Combustion Cycle

After covering how both air and fuel enters the engine, we will now look at how those ingredients combine to create power. This episode of COBB U explains the combustion cycle in modern fuel injected engines.

Episode #9: Exhaust System

This episode is the end of our journey through the engine. Appropriately, we're finishing it off with the exhaust system.

Episode 9 of COBB U breaks down components of an exhaust system and explains the benefits along with potential draw backs of upgrading certain parts.

Episode #10: Part/Tune Compatibility

In Episode 10 of COBB U we cover the importance of maintaining parts compatibility with a tune. While some modifications, such as a cat-back exhaust, can be changed without the need to make tuning adjustments, most intake and fueling system changes do require appropriate tuning.

Episode #11: Engine Cooling

Generating power creates a lot of heat that the factory cooling system may not be able to handle. In this episode of COBB U we'll cover the components of a vehicle's cooling system, learn how it works to dissipate heat generated by the engine, and take a quick peak into what components could be upgraded to help keep things "cool."

Episode #12: Drivetrain

FWD? RWD? AWD? What does it all mean? Is one better than the other? In this episode of COBB U we'll cover the main components of drivetrains and explain how they all work together to distribute power from your vehicle's engine out to the wheels.

Episode #13: Tires

Upgrading a vehicle's tires is an easy modification that can greatly impact performance. Making more power, improving grip with suspension modifications, and increasing braking potential all goes out the window if the tires aren't capable of sticking to the pavement. In this episode of COBB U we cover tire compounds, tread patterns, and sizing to help you determine the right tire for your needs.

Episode #14: Braking

Modifying our vehicle's powertrain to increase output and upgrading the chassis to improve cornering speeds can all mean naught if we can't get slowed down to make a corner or avoid an obstacle. In this episode of COBB U Emmy covers the components of a vehicle's braking system, how they all work together to slow you down, and what upgrades are available to improve braking performance.

Episode #15: Suspension

With stickier tires, increased braking potential, and more power on tap it is important to ensure your cars suspension is up to the task. This episode of COBB U covers the basics of suspension and how each component works to keep your car planted to the pavement.

Episode #16: How To Use An Accessport

In previous episodes of COBB U we have explained the importance of tuning your car for performance modifications that are added. In this episode, COBB U will provide a look into how the Accessport works to make those changes to your vehicle's ECU.

Episode #17: How to Datalog

It's never a bad idea to examine what's going on behind the scenes to determine how well your car is running. This is especially important anytime tuning changes or hard part modifications are made to your vehicle. Join Emmy in this episode as she walks through completing a datalog and reviewing the results.

Episode #18: How to Read a Dyno Chart and Percentage Gains

Not all dynamometers are created equal. This Episode of COBB U should clear up any confusion related to interpreting dyno results, understanding percentage gains, and how to compare data across differing dynos.

Episode #19: Grand Finale

Here it is, the icing on the cake! Now that we have covered all of the basics of modifying a turbocharged car, we are going to walk the walk. In the Series Finale of COBB U we take a 2012 STI from zero to hero, giving you a front-row seat while transforming the car from stock to our Stage 3 Power Package + Flex Fuel.

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